Reading Habits: Bentley Little

Bentley Little is not a household name. Bentley Little is not a…great writer. But Bentley Little writes what he wants, and he doesn’t have time for your shit.

After getting his first book published, his publisher asked for his second novel to be a police procedural. So Bentley Little told them to fuck right off with that mess and broke his contract. He is, and always has been, a horror writer. And proud of it. He refuses to label his books as any of the cute euphemisms that publishers like to use in place of horror—dark fantasy, thriller, etc.—because he doesn’t see the point.

I love Bentley Little.

My first introduction to his work was with his (at the time) most recent work, The Disappearance. (That’s another thing I like about him: all of his book titles are generally two words and very simple.) I read The Disappearance in about three days and was really blown away by the first two-thirds of it and really disappointed by the last third. This, too, is pretty common with his books. His endings are almost always very contrived and anti-climactic.

And yet…I keep reading his stuff! So he’s obviously doing something right. Continue reading “Reading Habits: Bentley Little”