Our Dream Cast for the “Dark Tower” Movie, Pt. 1

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If you’re a fan of Stephen King and movies, then you’re probably aware that King’s Dark Tower series is being turned into a movie starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey. As you can imagine, Super Hubs and I are pretty pumped about this. As the few known casting details were released, we immediately began imagining characters that might appear in the film and who could portray them. Even though King has stated that the movie is not a straight adaptation of his books (who is Tirana, and how she is a female lead?), we tried to think of every major (or major-minor) character that shows up in the series and the actors or actresses worthy enough to bring them to life. There are some characters we couldn’t come to a consensus about, so when it comes to them, there will be multiple choices with SH and I defending our individual picks.

Anyway. This post was going to be hella long because there are a LOT of characters, and a lot of actors/actresses to consider, so we’re splitting it up into two. This is part one of our dream cast.

 The Good(ish) Guys/Gals
(in no particular order)

Eddie Dean
Eddie is a twentysomething drug addict in 1980s New York. He has an older brother, Henry, whom he simultaneously worships, hates, and fears. Henry is the one who introduces Eddie to drugs, and the two get lost in that world. Though Henry winds up lost forever (and also murdered), Eddie is saved by Roland and becomes the strongest out of the ka-tet that Roland collects. Mr. Dean is stronger than he knows and a smart-ass to boot, which actually comes in handy quite a bit. He sees Roland as a father, even though he often hates him for his stoicism, and he considers his ka-mates to be his true family.
Nikkie’s Pick: Michael Mosley
michael mosley

I know Michael as 3XK, a seriously scary serial killer from ABC’s Castle (RIP) that appears in three separate seasons. I also know him as Johnny from FX’s Sirens (also RIP), a cocky EMT with abandonment issues. Though he’s got quite a few years on Eddie, I think he’s perfect for this role because he has the chops to pull off the range we see with this character—going from layabout drug addict to withdrawing to man on a mission to man in love, all while maintaining the smart-ass quality that truly defines him, is no easy feat. I think Mosley is the man to bring Eddie to life. Just age him up a little, and we’re good to go.

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