Welcome to the New Blog Order!

Hello everyone.

I know what you’re thinking: “Where did everything go?! What happened to Lit’s Not Dead, and what is Married with Bookshelves?!”

Well, friends, what happened is that I, your dear Nikkie, had been feeling for quite some time that this blog has not been living up my expectations for it. Browsing through the first few years of this blog, it was easy to see that there was no real direction, no rhyme or reason, to the way I was posting. And that’s not the impression I want to leave behind.

When I started this blog several years ago, it was because I wanted a space to talk about books. The idea really came to me when I was sitting through an American Fiction class during my undergrad and getting frustrated by the perpetuation of the “literary canon.” If you don’t know what that is, it simply means that in order to be taken seriously as a reader, there is an unofficially official list of novels that you have to have under your belt. This list is primarily made up of “literary” books that are centuries old, and while there is nothing wrong with liking literature and old books, I could not support the idea that the kind of books I enjoy reading are somehow “lesser than” the books of the canon. I like what I like, other people can like what they like; let’s just all try to get along!

So that was the catalyst of starting the blog, and I adopted the name “Lit’s Not Dead” because I wanted people to understand that great books didn’t die with all the old writers.

However, as I became more acquainted with other blogs and the joys of theorizing, I realized that I wanted to talk about more than just books. (The fact that Game of Thrones exists is just one example of my need to branch out in my blogging material.) But with the blog named as it was, and the previous posts looking the way they did, I felt so uncomfortable adding to what felt like a pre-established sloppiness that I didn’t do anything about my new desires.
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