When the Lewis Lady Met the Gilmore Girls

Hellooooooooo, ladies and gents (and all you lovely folk who don’t subscribe to a binary gender). It’s ya girl Nikkie, and I’m back at it again with that blog life. In case post titles mean nothing to you, today I’ll be talking about my experience watching the early aughts’ TV “hit,” Gilmore Girls, for the first time.

The decision to watch this show was a purposeful accident. Basically, I was looking for a new show to watch because I was in a reading slump. I brought this up to my bestie, who suggested Gilmore Girls because she considered it “mindless” TV that I could just throw on while going about my life. I was on the fence because the very minimal deets I knew about the show did not interest me in any way—and I have an irrational hatred of Jared Padelecki, a main player in the first five or six seasons—so I wasn’t prepared to take her advice. But then I took several “What should I watch next on Netflix” quizzes, and the majority offered up the same selection. It was clear the universe wanted me to get acquainted with Lorelai and Rory Gilmore and their quirky ilk over in Stars Hollow. Having completed the series, I have one question for the universe:


From the very beginning, I was not a fan. Have you ever rage-watched an entire show? That was my experience here. I just couldn’t believe that this show had been so popular and apparently worthy of seven full seasons, so I kept watching because I naively believed that it HAD to get better. No, no. It got worse.

It was obvious that I had to write a blog post about this experience. But I have so many thoughts not just about the show but about the art of TV in general that there’s no way I can fit it all into one post. So for today, I will be focusing on my likes (yes, there were a few) and dislikes about the show.

To the friends of mine who are currently watching the show for the first time: Don’t go beyond this point! SPOILERS ABOUND, so if you care about that kind of thing, geeeeet ooouuuutttaaa heeeeeere.
To fans of the show: If you choose to read any further, you are opening yourself up to potential hurt feelings. I will not go easy on this show, and I will not apologize for that. If this is your absolute favorite show in the whole entire world . . . I will wonder if you’ve been trapped in a bunker with only this as your option for entertainment, but my intent in writing this is not to try and change your mind or make you feel bad. These are just my thoughts. So if you dive into these murky, hate-filled waters, that’s on you.
Everyone else: . . . Are y’all ready for this?

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The After Word: A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir (Spoilers)

Hello, hello, you wonderful wanters of words (too much?). Nikkie here with the After Word, which is the freshly decided name for all book reviewing posts.

I’m sure you’re wondering “But Super Hubs has been calling his posts about the Wheel of Time ‘A Fantasy Scrub vs. the Wheel of Time,’ and THOSE are review-y posts . . .” You’re right about that. And they will continue to be called that because he thought of that first, and it more properly explains the feeling behind those posts (which was that he, as someone who isn’t super familiar with fantasy beyond A Song of Ice and Fire, wanted to get into it, and the Wheel of Time is a landmark/iconic series). But I wanted to officialize any future review posts with a uniform title, so this is what we picked.

Also, as this will be the first time I’m reviewing a book in the traditional sense after the grand re-branding (most of my posts have been talking about Game of Thrones or books I’m already very familiar with), I felt it was time to cement that part of my blog contributions. Thus, I give you the After Word (see what we did there?).

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Honoring Roald Dahl, My First Favorite

Welcome back, you beautiful blog fiends. Nikkie here, bringing you some words on a great wordsmith: Roald Dahl. Today is Dahl’s 100th birthday. He may not be alive to celebrate it (having died the year I was born), but that doesn’t mean we should ignore it!

I will keep this post short and sweet because you can find a lot of great articles remembering Dahl and his work—like this one or this one or this one—I won’t pretend as if what I have to say is more important. I just needed to say something to honor this man for what he gave me.

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A Recurring Read: The Jessica Darling series

Hello my wonderful readers! Nikkie here with that bookish babble you love so much. Or potentially just tolerate . . . Oh well. You’re here, aren’t you?

Today, I want to shine a light on one of my favorite book series: Megan McCafferty’s Jessica Darling series. I actually wrote a post about these books back when this blog was Lit’s Not Dead, but since that post is no more—and September marks the 15th anniversary of the publication of the series’ first book, Sloppy Firsts—I figured “Why not do a new, updated post?”

I basically only remember one thing from the original post I wrote: I focused a lot on the parallels I drew between the main love pairing in the series and my relationship with my high-school boyfriend. That’s still relevant and will likely come up when I talk about my difficulty rereading the fourth book in the series, but this post will offer up a bit more than just “It reminds me of high school.”

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The Return to Ice and Fire

It’s another glorious day at MWB, and ya girl Nikkie is here to bring you that sweet, sweet bookish babble.

If you couldn’t surmise from the title of this post, I am going to be talking about George R.R. Martin’s acclaimed fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire (a.k.a. the book series that Game of Thrones is based on). In the wake of season six, I decided to reread the series, and since I didn’t really blog about it the first time I read it, I figured I’d talk about it now.

Did you really think there would ever come a time when we were done with Thrones talk? You sweet summer child. That time will never come.

Now, this post is mostly just going to be some observations I made—no hard theorizing or anything. I tend not to theorize on my own about the series because there’s just too much going on; I can’t even begin to fathom what is going on in that fantastic head of GRRM’s. (I enjoy other people’s theorizing a great deal, though.) So all my ramblings here will mainly consist of questions that occurred to me while reading, comparisons to the show (of course), and some of my more random thoughts.

Ready? Then, follow me to Westeros! (Where you’ll find dwarves, magic, and SPOILERS!!!)

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My Plea for the “Ready Player One” Movie (Spoilers Ahead)

Hello, hello, my beautiful readers. Nikkie here to get the ball rolling for the month of August.

As I’m sure you may know, the novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is getting a movie. There is a whole bunch of information about the movie out there, so I’m not going to reiterate it. But if you want a refresher course, read this CinemaBlend article.

I really enjoyed RPO, and I am beyond curious to see how this movie is going to turn out. A lot of people think it’s a no-brainer because Spielberg is directing, but I’ve seen like two and a half Spielberg movies—plus I’m still not 100 percent sure how a director can be wholly responsible for the success of a movie—so I retain a healthy level of skepticism. I’m not one to completely decry an adaptation of a book or believe that it has to completely follow the source material to be good, but I do allow myself to reserve the slightest bit of judgment when it comes to books I really like. So I guess my point is “We’ll see.”

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about today. However, what I want to talk about is a ∼*MAJOR SPOILER*∼, so caution to those who tread beyond this point. And don’t blame me if you learn something you weren’t supposed to. Continue reading “My Plea for the “Ready Player One” Movie (Spoilers Ahead)”

My Yara Greyjoy Dilemma

Hello, hello, hello.

If you watch Game of Thrones, then you know that we’re nearing the end of the sixth season. This one seems to be fairly divisive. There are those who have found some of the episodes to be very slow because they involved a lot of setup and little action, and don’t even get people started on the whole Dorne debacle (although at least it seems like we aren’t going to return to that shit show, so yay). Personally, I’ve enjoyed the season a lot—I rejoiced at Jon’s return and was devastated by the Hodor/”Hold the Door” reveal—but ever since the trailers for this season were released, I have been dreading one scene in particular. This past Sunday ended up being the fateful day with its episode “The Broken Man,” and let’s just say . . . I was thoroughly disappointed.

What is the occurrence that dared to stick in my craw, you’re wondering?

It was the reveal that Yara Greyjoy, older sister of Theon Grejoy and almost-queen of the Iron Islands, is a lesbian.

Before you freak out on me, no; I do not have a problem with anyone on the GLBTQA+ spectrum. I believe that sexuality is open and fluid, and we should all be able to love who we want to love without worry or fear or judgement. So this is not some bigoted argument about how I “don’t want to see that kind of thing.” Bring on your queer characters, GoT and other shows. My issue is that if you’re going to do it, do it right, and Yara’s characterization was not done right in my opinion.

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