Autobiography of a Blog

Welcome to Married with Bookshelves!

The Couple

  • Nicole: AKA Nikkie. Founder of the blog. Lover of all things green, panda’d, or spicy. Married to Lawrence. Reads YA, contemporary fiction, memoirs, and occasionally fantasy. Watches comedies and superhero movies. Her Twitter handle is @bibli0pHage.
  • Lawrence: AKA Super Hubs. Unpublished author (for now!). Lover of all things purple, comic booky, or scary. Married to Nicole. Reads horror, mystery, science fiction, and fantasy. Watches comedies, superhero movies, and horror movies. Plays video games. His Twitter handle is @Scribe_LALewis.

The Purpose

  • Nikkie and Super Hubs are here to ramble on about books, movies, TV shows, and any relevant theories or random thoughts. They do not subscribe to the idea of a literary canon, and they don’t think you should either.


  • We’ll take ’em!

I Gave You Some Words, So Return The Favor!

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