Sorting the Avengers & Co. into Hogwarts Houses

Greetings, nerds. Are we all super stoked for the release of Avengers: Infinity War this week?! Of course we are. No one is as excited as Super Hubs, but the rest of us are pulling our weight.

So, that being said, we decided it was absolutely necessary to do some MCU content up on the blog (more than our Jessica Jones S2 review and my post on the similarities between her and Captain America over the last few weeks). You can expect a post-movie rundown as well, but until we get our asses in the seats on Saturday, we thought it would be fun to Sort all the MCU characters we could think of into Hogwarts Houses, a la our “Sorting of Ice and Fire” podcast all that time ago.

Sidebar: We’re working on moving our podcasts to a proper hosting site, but hopefully that won’t affect our presence on iTunes! However, there likely won’t be full posts dedicated to sharing them anymore. We’ll see how we feel!

Anyway! Without further ado . . . LET THE SORTING COMMENCE!

I Gave You Some Words, So Return The Favor!

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