All Our “Narrative Toolbox” and “Slurred Words” Appearances

Hi-dee-ho! Nikkie, here.

Now, if you follow us on Twitter, you have this knowledge, but for those of you who don’t: Super Hubs and I have been frequent guests on a podcast and YouTube channel run by a friend of ours, Ryan. You may recognize Ryan’s voice from the podcast episode around the MCU we did last year.

The Narrative Toolbox is a podcast where Ryan, ideally, explores what makes storytelling effective across any medium. On Slurred Words, the conversation is a little looser, often tied to a more specific work, and generally drunker!

While you should absolutely listen to all of Ryan’s episodes, if you want to skip to our appearances, then here are the links!

Narrative Toolbox

Slurred Words

This is easy: Every video that’s not just the uploaded audio of a podcast episode is an episode that SH and I are in! See how easy?

So there you have it!

If you’ve been sitting there wondering, “Hey, how come MWB hasn’t posted any new podcast episodes in a while?” it’s because we’ve been hanging out on Ryan’s! But we’re hoping to start producing more of our own, probably with some crossover with Ryan’s show, this year. Keep your ears peeled, and until then, enjoy our guest spots on Narrative Toolbox and Slurred Words.

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