GTFO, 2017: Rounding Up the Year As Best We Can

Greetings, all you beautiful, delicious people! Welcome to our end-of-year blog post!

It’s been a looooooong, rough one, hasn’t it? I mean, let’s be real: It’s been a goddamn nightmare for a lot of us. I won’t get into it because, well, YOU KNOW what’s been going on. (But it’s often orange, and it’s often ruining life as we know it (Super Hubs note: And often runnin’ it’s fuckin’ mouth.) Then, there’s the whole thing where damn near every man in Hollywood is a shitbag. Sigh. It has not been great.
(Super Hubs note: Also that whole thing where the FCC did a whole mess of shady shit to ruin the internet all so our corporate overlords can make a few extra bucks.)

So here at MWB, we’ve done what many did: We buried ourselves in entertainment and hoped for the best! As such, we offer up our favorite things from 2017.
It’s important to note that not everything on these lists came into existence in 2017; they were simply the best things we interacted with.

Nikkie’s Picks

Favorite Movie: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Man, I loved this movie—and not just because I’m super into Tom Holland now. When we were sitting in the theater, watching this movie, I just felt like this movie was breathing life into me. It was sweet, it was funny, it was emotional, it had the right amount of creepiness a la Michael Keaton’s Vulture . . . It had Martin Starr, donning his professor look, which I’m very into! Speaking of the school, can we talk about how diverse the student body was? Thank God it wasn’t just a sea of white, which wouldn’t exactly be believable in New York damn City.  Continue reading “GTFO, 2017: Rounding Up the Year As Best We Can”