Our End o’ Year-cast 2016

Podcast No. 2, y’all! This one is a little rough for reasons that are explained somewhere near the end lol

To that one guy who asked last time (Matt, I believe!): We are still working on getting these posted to iTunes. I (Nikkie) was waiting because I wanted to have a logo we could use as the podcast’s image when it comes up on iTunes, but I’m sure it’ll give us the option to add one at a later date . . . right? So I will get that process started next week once we get settled from our move!

Also, this podcast was recorded a few days before Carrie Fisher’s untimely death, so obviously we didn’t know it would happen. 

May the odds of 2017 be ever in our favor,
Nikkie and Super Hubs

4 thoughts on “Our End o’ Year-cast 2016

  1. Matt Wainwright

    You remembered!! 🙂 Oh, and I just realised you guys are just like me and my wife: a beardy white dude with a fine black woman!! Happy New Year 🙂

      1. Matt Wainwright

        Yeah!!!!!! Thanks guys 😊 My publisher is considering going into podcasting as well. Well, they already do, on SoundCloud. I’m trying to persuade them to go on iTunes. How hard is it to do? We’re a pretty small independent outfit so some tips would be welcome

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